The Memento Mori Journal

The Memento Mori Journal

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This is the Memento Mori Journal by 

Launch is on Día de los Muertos.

It began as a bare-bones, self-guided diary to help people reflect on death. It's now a full-fledged, thoughtful journal, hand-bound in rich, pebbled Italian leather, for daily and weekly use. You can write down your own memento mori (Latin for "remember your mortality"), or choose from a variety of filled-in examples of common thoughts and fears people have about dying. This makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who wants to take stock of their life by focusing on coming to terms with their own mortality.

This journal is designed to provoke thought and act as a daily and weekly record. Start each day by writing down your age, followed by an inspirational quote from ancient poets. Learn about author's favourite quotes on death and dying, find out about their life events and how they coped with death. Help yourself and others to understand the meaning of life and how everyone will die.

In this day of obsession with living forever, Memento Mori serves as a reminder that we do not live forever and we should stop and reflect on that fact. The philosophy of "Memento Mori" comes from the Latin phrase, "Remember you must die." With this in mind, I created a daily journal for which you can record thoughts/ideas or feelings/emotions each day. There is also a section for weekly reflection covering 7 days with the same prompts as the daily section.

Daily reminders of death and with this journal itll help you remember it and reflect on it and through it gain peace. 

Death is to be surrounded, and adorned like art. Memento mori is a spiritual tool, it is available to all people no matter their background, because all of us will die. 

There are more and more people who are talking about the benefits of journalling, of mindfulness and of self reflection. But modern culture is too focused on the now, and not the end, although zen movement focus heavily of living right now, it has been of my personal belief that reflecting on death helps clarify the now, refracting all things through the lens of death. that we will die and that we will leave this earth eventually. from there all things are possible. 

I have been writing this journal for over a 3 years now since its initial conception there has been alot of refinement. the structure of the journal is through recognition of completes. and life is a series of completions. you complete a day, you complete a week, you complete a month, you complete a quarter, you comeplete a year. the journal signifies each end of these cycles. these help you refocus, as if we dont end loops, open ended loops can go on forever. 

Each day there are questions to help you focus, and each week in depth quotes and studies of great examples of death and memento mori. Each weekly practice is presented with advice and direction, along with a few quotes pertaining to memento mori to help focus your attention on the practice for the week.

 Each day presents a question to focus on in your morning preparations or evening review. Whether you need help with bad habits like complaining, procrastination, or a hot temper, or are looking to get stronger, wiser and braver, this journal is a tool to get you there. And it reframes it through the lens of death, we believe that this refocus will allow you to think on the longest possible time frame. 

the book will have quotes and features from many different cultures and backgrounds. 

This concept was really borne within the pandemic where death was all around us. it changed my life. 

This is aprt of a larger project to turn society from very short term oriented and hedonistic, to a more eudaimonic society. Through death we can change how society in general operates. 

Death culture has always been a very deep rooted structure within society, there are entire rituals and cultures around death and i feel as though this is sorely missing in the modern world. 

The Memento Mori journal helps you to contemplate, indulge and record your thoughts about death. It encourages you to make the most of your time by using a weekly layout to plan events each week and a daily page plan for each day with prompts of questions about your life, values, hopes and dreams. All backed up with quotes from great minds and some fascinating facts. This Memento Mori journal is an excellent gift for someone living with cancer or for those with terminal illness who are looking forward to their "afterlife".

This journal is for people who want to reflect upon their life ― it helps in reducing stress and death anxiety. In it, you will find prompts like, "What would you do differently if you only had a week left to live?" and "How would your life be different if you were never afraid of death?" Encourage yourself and others to face your own mortality by writing down the things you need to do before your time's up.


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