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A new era of nootropics, adaptogenic supplements that will help you peak in any environment. Increase your iq (short term memory, intelligence, learning speed and more) while adapting to different stress levels like a fighter or a soldier. This nootropic stack i created with various biohackers and even one professional MMA fighter who shall not be named. 

The world is changing, and we need to adapt. Some of us try to adapt like a fighter – by pushing ourselves relentlessly. Others may adapt like a soldier – by shutting down our mind and working on autopilot. But both of these paths have their own obstacles and negative consequences. Our new nootropics will help you peak in any environment, giving you not only short-term memory and learning speed, but also increasing intelligence overall. We want to help everyone get through this period of rapid change. Enjoy your everyday activities at the highest level possible. Nootropics are supplements that will help you perform at your best and live your life to the fullest.

i used this stack to adapt to extreme mental and physical pressure and stress, and to adapt quick, there is alot of bone growth chemicals that can also help you grow your bones, the same compounds help you grow taller if you are under 25. 

also as well as increasing reaction speed, and work out effectiveness... there are some banned substances, there are many things that will increase your metabolism, and increase the efficiency of which your muscles will use energy. there are also things that will increase your fear learning mechanism, effectively rapidly making you adapt through chemically induced ptsd, this stack will change your life and how you think, it can increase your iq test results by a whole standard deviation, but due to the rough nature of it and how intense it can be, it can give you some serious consequences, such as but not limited to: depersonalisation, ptsd, paranioa, extreme selflessness. some of which if not all were helped by the fact this stack was made for training 30-40 hours a week mma from 0